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    ​Simple login​/order/pay. ​We make sure your order is priority. ​Re-order items (or entire sales orders) with ease.
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    ​Marketing ​Made Easy. ​We have you covered for all your print, social media and website marketing needs.
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    ​​We send you customers and ​We ​​pay you.

​Don't Leave Money on the Table

Your Clients Want You To ​Help
​Their Transformation Easy...

If you own a gym or personal training business you can earn over 10% of your income from stocked products. Your Client is ​motivated ​to transform their body, ​improve their appearance​ and health.  Active Lifestyle can affect the Skin - Offer your clients a solution.  ​

If you own a Salon, ​Gift or ​Homew​are ​even a clothing store your ​customers are wanting convenience and value for money - Offer your ​customers a solution. ​

​​Madison Active Skincare  is about results and together we are here to help solve your customers needs.

“​Your Customers are wanting you to help them with their self image and health. 
They value your expertise and trust you.”

Let us help you!

By choosing us you'll get the following benefits:



​Fulfillment & Delivery

Put ​your ordering on autopilot with automatic fulfillment ​including Direct to your customer.  ​Re-order items ​or create an entire new sales orders​.

It​ has never been easier!

Deliveries are within 5-7 working days​​


​​​​Cash Flow is King

​​Don't have your capital tied up in stock. We ​believe in smaller order more often. Opening orders ​is affordable ​at $500; reorders $250 minimum.

Ensure that your still have stock on hand for your customers just order within 60 days from the last order.

Fresh is Best


​​We Send You Customer
​(even ​while sleeping)

We do things differently. We believe in sharing and if a customer is located near you we send them a emails telling them about you.

We ​credit you 20% of their order value (excluding tax and freight)

"​Madison Active Skincare - Delivers Results"

"​We stock Madison - Advance Body Care Products and our customers love it - rave about it ​because ​they work."

- John Doe (​Personal Trainer)

What Stocking Our Product Does for You:


Solves Your Customers
 Skin Problems

"Don't Let your customers suffer"

It’s no secret working out has ​major benefits ​improving ​overall physique​, sleep better, reduce stress, and boost ​the overall mood ​through the release of feel-good endorphins.

Unfortunately, ​there are some downsides to working out, specifically when it comes to ​the skin. From ​acne to dry skin to chafing, your skin can take a hard hit when you're active.

Madison Active Skincare help you help your customers.

Madison Active Skincare gym girl
Madison active skincare being ordered from bed

We Send You Customer

"Grow your customer base when you sleep"

​WE DO THINGS DIFFERENT. That right we are all about sharing and building a long term business with your business.

We value our wholesalers and professional therapist and understand that stocking our products gives us exposure ​direct ​to your customer.

You may not be open 24hrs 365 days of the year but we are! We are there when you cannot. We are there at 2am when ​the house is quiet and ​there is time to shop.

Today customers are time poor and may remember seeing the product at your business or saw one of your adverts, blogs or on a poster​ and decide to buy. If we see that a one of our customer orders and ​is within 15kms of your business we send them a note to say you stock Madison Active Skincare.


We ​credit your account with 20% of their order value

(excluding tax and freight).

​Grows Your Business

"We help you to Increase your revenue"

​As the emphasis on a healthy approach to diet and lifestyle continues to grow, ​it has had ​significant impacts on ​customers purchasing patterns​.

  • They are demand more from their skincare
    They are demanding results
    They are demanding quality
    They are demanding natural and organic

  • Give your customer the best of the best 
  • Stock -  Madison Active Skincare.

Madison active skincare best of the best
Madison Active Skincare gym girl

Stay up to Date

"We help with your marketing "

​​​Stay up-to-date on all the most relevant​ industry news, trending topics and breakthrough ​news​ in the form of:


  • E-flyers
  • Newsletters
  • ​Articles 
    Social Media Post

  • ​Share ​some or all on your website and social media. ​
    ​e-Post direct to your customers.

It Strengthens Your Community​​​​​

"​Build Loyalty and long ​lasting ​Customers "

​​Open any marketing or business guide, and you’ll find that community plays a crucial role in ​customers engagement. ​People aren’t ​coming to your business​ to just buy​ or train or look: they are looking for social interactions. ​They are looking for a community that they can belong to.

​Everyone enjoys belonging to a group in which one can find like-minded individuals and share their world with. ​

Selling ​Madison Active Skincare is here to help you ​build​ and strengthen your community and loyalty. 

Madison Active Skincare girls having coffee

"​We so happy we stock Madison Active Skincare"

"​Doing business with Madison is so easy it should be a sin".

Every week we gain new customers without doing a thing.

- J​ane D​ove (​ Owner of Homes are Us)

What You'll Get...

​You get a partner that understands your customers and  their pain. Together we will solve their problems and have them looking great. 

After workout products

"Show Me Exactly What I'll Get"

​You will get the best of the best body and skin care products 
​You get new customers
​You get easy ordering and restocking system
​You get all ​the marketing material ​you need to grow your business
Easy ​Cash Flow





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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Am I eligible for to be a Madison Active Skincare wholesaler?